Event handlers

With an event handler you can do something with an element when an event occurs: when the user clicks an element, when the page loads, when a form is submitted, etc.

<h1 onclick="style.color='red'">Click on this text</h1>

The example above defines a header that turns red when a user clicks on it.

You can also add a script in the head section of the page and then call the function from the event handler:

<script type="text/javascript">
function changecolor()
<h1 id="header" onclick="changecolor()">
Click on this text</h1>

HTML 4.0 Event Handlers

Event Occurs when…
onabort a user aborts page loading
onblur a user leaves an object
onchange a user changes the value of an object
onclick a user clicks on an object
ondblclick a user double-clicks on an object
onfocus a user makes an object active
onkeydown a keyboard key is on its way down
onkeypress a keyboard key is pressed
onkeyup a keyboard key is released
onload a page is finished loading. Note: In Netscape this event occurs during the loading of a page!
onmousedown a user presses a mouse-button
onmousemove a cursor moves on an object
onmouseover a cursor moves over an object
onmouseout a cursor moves off an object
onmouseup a user releases a mouse-button
onreset a user resets a form
onselect a user selects content on a page
onsubmit a user submits a form
onunload a user closes a page

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