The Head Element

The head element contains general information, also called meta-information, about a document. Meta means “information about”.

You can say that meta-data means information about data, or meta-information means information about information.

Information Inside the Head Element

The elements inside the head element should not be displayed by a browser.

According to the HTML standard, only a few tags are legal inside the head section. These are: <base>, <link>, <meta>, <title>, <style>, and <script>.

Look at the following illegal construct:

  <p>This is some text</p>

In this case the browser has two options:

  • Display the text because it is inside a paragraph element
  • Hide the text because it is inside a head element

If you put an HTML element like <h1> or <p> inside a head element like this, most browsers will display it, even if it is illegal.

Should browsers forgive you for errors like this? We don’t think so. Others do.

Head Tags

Tag Description
<head> Defines information about the document
<title> Defines the document title
<base> Defines a base URL for all the links on a page
<link> Defines a resource reference
<meta> Defines meta information
Tag Description
<!DOCTYPE> Defines the document type. This tag goes before the <html> start tag.

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